Hello world.

Bloggin' it up for the first time...

I'm giving it a go because 1.) I LOVE to write and tend to get what they call "diarrhea" of the mouth sometimes when I'm talking to others. Like they'll ask me a question and ten minutes later I can tell they're like, "Good God, why did I even ask." So I'm not the most observant individual, but I can get a hint when somebody's had enough. I can easily sympathize with that feeling because I feel it quite often. That's really why it bugs me so to realize when I'm doing that to other people. This blog should be a good outlet for free writing and whatnot. It's for me. I'm funny though, so you may want to read it. You may not. I'm not going to lie, I'll probably think you're a bit of an asshole if you don't find my blog (And no, I don't mean this tiny piece of crap I'm writing now! I mean future blogs!) to be worth reading. That's ok though, there are many people on this earth who think whatever they think about me and I will NEVER ever know.....How well do we really know people anyway????? I plan on discussing this matter in much greater detail on a later date.) But since I'm a newbie to the blogging community I've got no idea who's going to get ahold of whatever I write.With that in mind, My 2.) I've got a hell of lot to say about all sorts of things, and I'm getting to the age where I have no choice but to say it. It's a learning process...an opportunity for me to flex my writing muscles and to unload. So here goes nothing. It's not like i'm going to the moon or anything...I'm quite aware that almost everyone has a blog or has had one at one time, so since it's new to me, I'm not sure if this will be one of those new hobbies that lasts three days or several years... The former is how I roll naturally, and the latter is unusual, but has happened increasingly in my life.....mainly due to the art....(also to be discussed at a later date). Ciao for now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Well, as I approach my 29th birthday, I realize that I've been caudled like a baby on a pillow. Of course, I've worked. I've even got workers' hands. I work fast, too. That's because my Dad owned a factory. I used my reasonably efficient deduction skills to determine that the fact of my father owning a factory, and that I worked there from 12 to 28, is the reason I work fast. I brush my teeth fast, I get dressed fast, I paint fast (alla prima preferably), I walk fast, and I even eat fast. I was approached regarding the issue of my swift behavior and realized then that I had some things to think about. For one thing, it's not always in one's best interest to work fast. For example. I wash my face fast. Once I stopped and read the back of my neutrogena bottle, I read that it takes 30 seconds of rubbing vigorously on a moist face in order for the facial cleanser to effectively do its job. Normally, I'd spend about 5-10 seconds. Sure, I fly by the seat of my pants with the best of 'em, but wouldn't it be for my best interest to actually and truthfully take the accurate time allotted for the various (however mundane they may be) tasks I engage in throughout the day. So, I've been working on slowing down. My Dad sold his business. He also sold the building. In case you don't know, my dad's business is called Bottomland Naturals and we make/made edible (and non-edible) birdhouses. "Wouldn't that be hard on one's digestive system?" I've been asked (more times than I could possibly count!). No, silly, it's edible for the birds. It's a wooden house covered with non-toxic (and organic) glue. Once the birds finish eating, they still have a house to live in! It's like a bed and breakfast for the birds! With this in mind, it's interesting to note that my dad sold his business to an individual, and the building to a different individual. The latter of the individuals owns a moonshine operation. He maks apple pie and blueberry flavored moonshine. I've tasted both, and yes, they actually do taste like their titles. So here's to birdhouses and booze!

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